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Time to divest from fossil fuels

September 7, 2017

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Time to divest from fossil fuels

September 7, 2017


Here's an easy way to make a real contribution to slowing man made climate change.  Move Your Super!


According to, "over half of the world’s superannuation is invested in fossil fuels and other high-carbon sectors whilst less than 2% is invested in climate solutions like renewable energy. If super funds switched even a fraction of their investments to renewables, it would completely transform the energy industry. We have the opportunity to radically shift superannuation funds from the world’s biggest fossil fuel investors to climate change champions."


The good news is that experience has shown there is no disadvantage in regards to financial returns by divesting your investment portfolio of fossil fuels.  


So, if you're not one to march in protest or join an environmental movement, but still want to make an impact in your own way, do something that is simple and makes a real difference.  Move your money away from the fossil fuel industry and into future growth sectors that do no harm.


Want to know how?  Go to 



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