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September 7, 2017

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Executive remuneration for small business

March 30, 2016

Executive remuneration is a great recruiting and retention tool for key staff.  It can also be a valuable strategy for business owners to reward themselves in a more tax effective manner.  However, small businesses sometimes struggle to compete with large corporations when it comes to remuneration packaging.


Accessing wholesale benefits markets


Large organizations have the advantage of scale that gives them access to wholesale markets for benefits such as superannuation, life, disability and salary continuance insurance, corporate health cover, motor vehicle leasing and salary packaging. 


Small to medium enterprises, however, do not have sufficient staff numbers so must rely on retail markets with higher costs and a greater administration burden for these popular executive benefits.


Using an experienced benefits consultant can enable small businesses to avoid expensive retail pricing and gain access to a broad range of benefits that can be tailored to each organisation and their executives.


Reasons for executive benefits


Attracting and retaining key staff is important to any successful business and executive remuneration forms a critical component of that strategy. 


A robust executive benefits program is a cost effective way of making key staff feel rewarded and recognized for their efforts.


When structured well, executive benefits provide a level of financial security and independence that is not found in ordinary salary package structures.  These benefits are highly valued by executives and promote feelings of loyalty and belonging to the organisation. 


Ethical Assets specialises in executive benefits for small to medium size businesses by providing customised benefits packages at wholesale pricing normally only available to larger organisations.


Individually tailored service


We customise executive benefits programs to the needs of your organisation.  We first seek to understand your existing program, your objectives and your benefits budget.  This includes determining if benefits are voluntary or compulsory and if they are paid by the business or the executives.


We look for solutions that are innovative, cost effective and easy to administer.  But most of all, they must be valued by the executives.


At the individual executive level, we align their benefits package to their unique circumstances.  This is not a one-size-fits-all service.  Superannuation structures, investments, insurances and estate plans are tailored to each executive’s personal situation.  Executives within the same organisation often have different benefit designs, but all within the company’s budget.  This is because their individual needs differ depending on their current stage of life (eg debt, children, years to retirement, etc).


Why us?


Ethical Assets provides tailored and cost effective executive benefits programs for small and medium size businesses.


Its principal, David Lewis, has 30 years’ experience in benefits consulting, insurance broking and financial planning.  He has provided benefits consulting services to many of Australia’s largest and most recognised companies.


Our primary aims are

  • To provide unique and cost effective benefits packages that help businesses secure and retain key staff

  • To help our clients build financial security and independence and achieve their long-term wealth goals during their working lives


Want to know more?


Give us a call and let’s have a chat to discuss the options available to you.  You can usually make significant improvements to your current program without increasing your current spend.  These improvements are valued by staff and assist in building a positive company culture.



Information contained within this document is of a general nature only.  Individuals should not act upon any such information without prior consultation with a qualified financial adviser to ensure that any action meets their personal financial needs, situation and objectives.  No responsibility is accepted for those persons acting on information contained herein and persons do so at their own risk.


Responsibility is disclaimed for any inaccuracies, errors or omissions.  Particular investments or insurance policies are neither invited nor recommended.  All expressions of opinion are published on the basis that they are not to be regarded as expressing the official opinion of any other person or entity unless expressly stated.


Ethical Assets Pty Ltd is a Corporate Authorized Representative No. 1238510 of MyPlanner Australia Pty Ltd AFSL 345905.







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