Savings and Investment

When we think of saving and investing money, we usually think of them as separate issues. One is for short-term goals while the other is for long-term objectives. They both, however, involve putting money aside for the future and we always seek to do that in the most effective manner.

Once we begin placing money aside for our future, we are faced with a choice of numerous financial products and it can be a challenge to choose the most appropriate one for you. These include saving accounts, term deposits, cash management trusts, bonds, managed funds, exchange traded funds, direct shares and property. Within each of these investment vehicles there is even greater choice.

Each person’s needs and objectives differ. Some are looking for regular income from their investments, while others are seeking long-term capital growth. Other con-siderations include taxation, the preservation of capital and the need for liquidity and flexibility in their investment program.

At Ethical Assets, we provide advice and assist clients in implementing strategies to achieve their financial goals, no matter how big or small. We consider appropriate savings and investment options for each client based on their individual circumstances, objectives, investment preferences and ethics.

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At Ethical Assets, preserving the wealth of our clients is one of our core purposes. For some, such as retirees, this means preserving the value of their investment capital. For those still working and building wealth it means also protecting their most valuable resource, their ability to earn an income.


Many of our clients have significant responsibilities that are totally dependent upon their ability to generate a regular income from employment. Those respons-ibilities include supporting their family, home mortgage payments, school fees and investment or business debts. Should their income suddenly cease, they face the real threat of losing everything.

Death and disability present a serious threat that should not be ignored. Life and disability insurance can pay off debts and provide ongoing income to families when the bread winner no longer can.

At Ethical Assets, we assist you in purchasing appropriate levels of insurance cover based on your individual needs. We have access to every major Australian insurer and recommend policies that we believe provide the best value based on independent research and our many years of insurance broking experience.

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Ethical Investing

The purpose of ethical investing is to accumulate wealth through profitable investments without compromising your values. It’s about investing in companies with strong profit and growth potential that also make a positive impact in the community and the environment.

When investing, most of us focus our attention on investment returns, security and costs. Outside of these issues, we pay little attention to where our money is invested. We leave that to others and trust them to do a good job with our money.

Many investment managers do a good job based on their mandate of getting you a stable long-term investment return. However, their mandate rarely includes consideration of the social, environmental or ethical impact of the companies they invest your money in.

Most investment managers will diversify your investment funds across multiple asset classes in order to reduce volatility. Because of this process, many investment funds are being invested in companies that you, as an individual, may be morally or ethically opposed to.

It is not uncommon for large managed funds to invest in companies involved in products and practices that include tobacco, weapons and armaments, gambling, unsustainable logging, water pollution, third world exploitation, unsustainable farming practices and animal cruelty.

Many of us are unknowingly supporting companies and industries whose practices we morally oppose. 

At Ethical Assets, we align our client’s investment portfolios with their personal values. We evaluate the sustainability of businesses by examining their environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) performance. This is because companies that incorporate ESG principles into their business are forwardthinking and purpose driven. Sustainable investing is not a separate asset class, but rather a better way to pick stocks. It’s an integral part of the investment analysis process to reduce risks and increase growth 


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Retirement Planning

As people finish their working careers and move into retirement, there is one question they always ask. “Will I have enough money to live comfortably in retirement?” This is an important question because their regular income from their employment will stop forever and they must now rely on their own investments and perhaps government support from the age pension. For many people there is a degree of fear and uncertainty because many factors are now outside of their control. Additional questions arise, such as: 


  • How long will I live and will my investments last me that long? 

  • Will I be able to rely on support from the age pension throughout retirement?

  • How will I afford to upgrade my car, repair my home or take an overseas holiday in the future?

  • What impact will taxation have on my retirement savings and income?

  • What will happen if I am ever unable to care for myself?

  • Will I have any assets left to pass to my children when I die?

At Ethical Assets, we assist our retirement clients in addressing these important questions by implementing strategies aimed to provide the best possible financial outcome based on our client’s needs, objectives and current asset position.

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Cash Flow & Debt Management

Many of us, at one point in our lives, have experienced the stress of not having enough money to meet our financial commitments. Financial stress can be extremely painful and affect our relationships and our ability to make wise decisions. Poor cash flow and debt management makes it almost impossible to accumulate and preserve wealth over the long-term.

Ethical Assets can assist clients that need help with the management of their cash flow and debts. We provide simple and effective tools and strategies that help our clients regain control of their finances. 


Having strong cash flow and debt management processes is vitally important for anyone wanting to achieve financial independence during their working lives.

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At Ethical Assets, we provide advice and assist clients in implementing strategies to accumulate and preserve wealth through their superannuation funds. This can include:


  • Self Managed Superannuation Funds

  • Personal Superannuation

  • Industry Superannuation Funds

  • Corporate Superannuation

We consider appropriate investment options for each client based on their individual circumstances, objectives, investment preferences and ethics. These can include:

  • Direct shares

  • Exchange Traded Funds

  • Managed Funds

  • Property

  • Bonds

  • Fixed Interests and Cash

The purpose of superannuation is to encourage Australians to save for their retirement. It is becoming more difficult for the government to provide financial support to Australians following their working years because of the rapid growth in retiree numbers in relation to the working public. It is therefore prudent to strive for financial self-sufficiency in retirement and superannuation provides an effective platform for achieving this goal.

The government provides significant tax concessions to investors in superannuation funds in exchange for limiting access to their money until retirement. During
retirement, those tax concessions become even more attractive.

Superannuation is one of the most effective ways to save for and support oneself in retirement. It provides tax concessions that are unavailable to investments outside of superannuation.

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