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About us

Ethical Assets is a personal financial services business that assists its clients in accumulating and preserving wealth with the goal of achieving financial independence during their working lives. When recommending investments, we rely on sound fundamentals and disciplined analytical processes and value good judgement over emotion.

What sets us apart is that we do this through an ethical and socially responsible lens. This allows our clients to use their investments to not only build wealth, but to also make a positive impact in their community and the environment. Our goal is to align our client’s investments with their personal values so that they are supporting businesses they believe in rather than those that do harm.

From a financial standpoint, ethical investing has proven to provide strong long-term performance. Evaluating the sustainability of businesses by examining their environmental, social and corporate governance performance is an integral part of our investment analysis process to reduce risks and increase growth.

Our founder, David Lewis has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. He holds qualifications in financial planning (AFP®) and insurance broking (QPIB) as well as a Bachelor Degree and Diploma of Financial Services (Broking). He has a long and successful history of providing strategic financial advice to small business owners, professionals, major corporations and corporate superannuation funds to help them improve their financial position. David is passionate about investing with a conscience and believes that one does not have to compromise their personal values in order to make profitable investments.