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“I want profitable investments without having to compromise my values.”

Our Business Values

Ethical Investing
Retirement Planning
Cashflow & Debt
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Looking for ethical & socially responsible investments?


We believe

  • Investments should be profitable

  • Investments should do no harm

  • Investments should benefit society and the environment

  • Your investments should align with your values

  • Ethical investments should be true to label

  • Your investments can be your voice for positive change.

Build partnerships based on respect and trust
Be a force for good
Be passionate about what we do
Be easy to do business with
Strive for excellence daily
Consistently provide friendly and reliable service
Always act with integrity
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Ethical Assets Pty Ltd • Authorised Representative No 1238517 of MyPlanner Professional Services  Pty Ltd AFSL No 425542

Phone: 0403 614 840 | Level 2 | 101 William Street | Darlinghurst NSW | 2010 | Sydney

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